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Roof Contractors Claimed

Roof construction, repair, & maintenance

Roofing specialists in Johannesburg & Pretoria

Our proof is in the Roof!

Roofs, the second most important structure of a building, because this is the part that should keep you protected from nature’s harsh elements. This is what Roof Contractors do best, we make sure that our customers not only have a roof over their heads but also that the roof is erected according to the highest industry standards and that only the very best materials for roofing are used. Roof Contractors focuses on roofs only and knows everything there is to know about roofing since Roof Contractors is erecting roofs since 2006.

Roof Contractors is a leader in the timber roof trusses industry because we do not compromise, we do not take short cuts and our team is highly trained and they have years’ experience in this field. Show us a structure and we will roof it. More important of it all is the fact that our management staff is hands-on involved in the erecting of the roof structure from the start to the end and handing over of the project.

Roof Contractors operates all over the Gauteng region but has completed several projects in other regions too. Roof Contractors are also able to refurbish old roofs, fix leaks, and generally make sure that your roof. (regardless of the material used) is kept in mint condition at all times.


Q Roof Construction


Trust our experienced technicians to create a unique design for your truss and to manufacture it to spec, all the while approaching production with absolute care and consideration for the needs of our customers.

Take a look at some of our key roofing services:

Roof Truss Design
Roof Contractors is committed to using state-of-the-art technology when designing & during the process of roof truss manufacturing.

Roof Truss Manufacturing
We specialise in manufacturing roof trusses of varying types which allows us to provide you with a roofing solution that suits your requirements.

Roof Installation
Roof Contractors offers roof truss erection and the laying of tiles and sheeting as part of its full roofing solution. Get it done on time and in budget with Roof Contractors.

Roof Inspection
Our skilled workforce is able to issue roof completion certificates through independent experienced roof inspector who follows the roof erection process from start to finish.

Q Roof Structure


Roof Contractors manufacture roof trusses for houses, apartments and commercial buildings. Our clients are remarkably diverse. Trusses are designed using the ITS roof truss software.

Take a look at some of our key roofing structure types:

Standard trusses
Specialized designed exposed trusses, Bowstring, A-Frame or “Scissor” Profile (Consisting of SA Pine or other timbers such as Meranti, Saligna ect.)

Polynesian/Barley design trusses
Single or Double Sprockets, Closed or open overhangs ect.

Overhang design trusses
Single or Double Sprockets, Closed or open overhangs ect.

Underlay type trusses
Membrane, Plastic, All thicknesses of Sisalation, Bubble foil, Allucusion, ISOboard ect.

Q Waterproofing

Waterproofing and its maintenance are imperative in any building structure. We provide waterproofing solutions for different areas.
Roof maintenance & waterproofing
Concrete slab waterproofing
Damp proofing


Roof Contractors has a watertight track record. We can handle any job from home to commercial roofs and we can back it up with satisfied customers!

Waterproofing and its maintenance are imperative in any building structure. Water infiltration causes major problems and when this happens, it may compromise the integrity of the structure as a whole.

Q Roof & House Painting


We are dedicated to providing Gauteng with high-quality products and superior workmanship.

We cover domestic and industrial sectors. We have a proven track record and take pride in our work. Customer satisfaction, quality, and workmanship is a high priority on our list. We pride ourselves on prompt professional service.

We are a business that performs professional workmanship efficiently and neatly. Our work areas are always clean and tidy, spot sheet of a 100 micron are used by us where we paint to prevent paint on floors and walls. We always put the safety of our workers first and are equipped with the necessary safety precautions.

Roof Coating and Roof Repairs

We do repairs and waterproofing on tile, concrete, and metal roofing. We specialise in leaking roofs, damaged roofs, roof maintenance, roof coatings, fascias, bargeboards, and flashings (around skylights, parapet, and sidewalls, chimneys).

We also repair and replace rotten and damaged timber, roof trusses and branding

Water damage can be a major cause of roofing problems. It can cause sections of your roof to rot and weaken. There are lots of ways hail and rain can infiltrate your roof. Moisture can find weaknesses in your roof and settle there. As it sits, it causes the roofing material to deteriorate. It can even cause mold and mildew to develop, further weakening it.

Your roof has some protection from the elements – shingles and flashing, for example – but that doesn’t mean that it’s impenetrable. Make sure your roof is properly draining rainwater off of it. Have professionals do periodic checks for signs of water damage. Poor ventilation is another way your roof material can weaken. Poor ventilation means that air isn’t circulating which means that moisture is sitting stagnant on your roof.

Exterior & Interior Coating
The type of paint that is used on your walls is very important. Besides the quality of the product being applied, the preparation is of utmost importance. Poor preparation is one of the biggest reasons why paint is flaking, peeling, and fading. The paint to be used on exterior walls is designed to withstand all types of weather conditions while interior paint is designed to resist abrasion.

When we do wall coating we also repair the cracks in the wall. The cracks are chopped or raked open (depending on size) and are filled with a good quality filler. When then apply a good quality primer. Once the preparation work is completed we coat the walls with good quality paint.